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Welcome to the Dr Shen Tai Chi UK website - a resource for exploring the system of Tai Chi, Qigong, Buqi healing and Meditation developed by Grandmaster Shen Hongxun to help manage life’s physical and emotional stresses and build better health.

Whether you want to deal with a health issue, to increase vitality or calm a stressed mind, Dr Shen's system can help you.

Joining an online class is a great way to start. You'll meet a friendly group of like-minded people and be guided by an experienced teacher. One-on-one sessions, including Buqi healing, are also available from some teachers and practitioners, see Buqi therapists (teachers and therapists/find a class) for details.

COVID19 has brought massive changes to all our daily routines and presents a serious health challenge to many. The need for supportive health practices such as Tai Chi, Qigong and meditation has never been greater.

During the current pandemic many UK teachers have moved their classes online.

You can find a list of these classes on Home page below for now.

Dr Shen's work is taught extensively in the UK and internationally with thousands of students of all ages reaping the physical and mental health benefits of his integrated system. This website focuses on where you can access his healing system in the UK – via classes, workshops and clinics.


Fungi. I adore mushrooms. To eat and photograph

A love of Fungi. Without photographing them and eating them life would be a lot duller. I only wish I could identify the ones I could eat!

The Clifton Suspension Bridge.

Brunel was a genius engineer and this is one of his masterpieces, along with Temple Meads Station, Paddington Station, SS Great Britain amongst others.

Chihuly at Kew Gardens.

The exhibits were truly the most astonishing exhibition of glass art I have ever seen, and sadly are now no longer there.

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